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Alcan Packaging launches Sustainability Moments campaign

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Alcan Packaging, a business unit of Rio Tinto Alcan, launched its global Sustainability MomentsSMcampaign to coincide with World Environment Day (June 5) celebrations.

“This internal campaign is intended to increase awareness and educate employees about sustainability throughout the next year. Sustainability is a core value for Alcan Packaging, and we hope this will inspire all our employees to organize activities that will positively contribute to our communities and the environment,” says Jean-Christophe Deslarzes, president and CEO, Downstream Aluminum Businesses and Alcan Packaging.

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Development costs discourage pharmaceutical packaging innovation

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Product development costs discourage pharmaceutical packaging innovation, says Packaging Hall of Fame inductee Edward J. Bauer in this Q&A. Bauer is senior director, product and package innovation and development for Pittsburgh-based General Nutrition Centers.

Healthcare Packaging: In the pharmaceutical sector, financial issues are more pressing today than just a few years ago. What does this mean for pharmaceutical packaging? read more »

23 Days left 2 WIN FREE consul…

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23 Days left 2 WIN FREE consultancy #packaging #sustainability & cost optimisation competition

Turning Rotten Bananas into Bricks of Fuel

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#sustainability #environment #food #waste

In a world where food waste is a much bigger problem than packaging waste (and indeed a problem that packaging helps alleviate), although the following article is not strictly packaging, we thought that it would be of interest to you all (we certainly found it so).

June 22, 2009 Source: (&

In some African countries, like Rwanda, bananas are plentiful – and so are their discarded peels. But one thing that’s not plentiful is affordable fuel for cooking, lighting and heating. Researchers at Nottingham University have found a way to use the resources that are available by turning rotten banana peels into briquettes that would not only provide fuel but also help reduce deforestation by limiting reliance on firewood.

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Consumers want brands to tackle carbon footprints, finds Carbon Trust

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Almost two thirds of consumers are more likely to buy a product if action is being taken to reduce its carbon footprint, according to a study by the Carbon Trust.

Around 70% of consumers want businesses to help them make more informed environmental choices and 58% valued companies that were reducing carbon emissions, found the study.

Euan Murray, general manager for carbon footprinting, told Packaging News the research showed that despite the credit crunch consumers still wanted to buy from companies that were “doing the right thing on climate change”.

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These are the top 10 according to research done by Sainsbury’s – interesting, but do you agree?

1 Fruit and vegetables: bagged and boxed
2 Meat packaging: hard to recycle
3 Yoghurt pots: multipacks don’t need further packaging
4 Cereals: bagged and boxed
5 Pizza: packed in several thin layers
6 Ready Meals: don’t need outer cardboard wrapper
7 Milk: needs to be more recyclable
8 Multi-pack cans
9 Crisps: too much waste in multipacks
10 Tomato puree: no need for box around tube

Source: Sainsbury’s

Sainsbury’s scraps boxes for Basics cereal range

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Sainsbury’s has responded to consumer pressure over packaging by removing the cardboard box from its Basics cereals range.

Basics Rice Pops is the supermarket’s first product to be packaged in a printed bag, and the retailer is looking to roll the packaging out to the rest of the range, following a two-month investigation into which packaging particularly frustrated consumers.

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Skin health trend drives the new foundation boom

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By Guy Montague-Jones, 13-May-2009

Foundation sales have leapt up over the past year prompting industry commentators to embrace foundation instead of lipstick as the ultimate recession beater.

Estee Lauder chairman Lenard Lauder coined the term “lipstick index” to capture how women turn to cosmetics as an inexpensive treat in times of economic crisis.

Foundation trumps lipstick

But this time round the market data suggests women are shelving the lipstick in favor of foundation. In the UK sales in the lip market grew 2.5 per cent last year read more »

Boots pulls out of ethical trading commitment

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By Guy Montague-Jones, 22-Jun-2009

Boots has been accused of “turning its back on workers” after the health and beauty retailer pulled out of the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI).

The ETI aims to improve conditions and rights for workers and has built up a membership that includes 56 firms with a joint turnover of more than £100bn. NGOs and trade unions are also members and their job is to scrutinize company claims and ensure that they honour their ethical commitments.

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Consultant to give away £3,000 of work in unusual marketing ploy

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Packaging consultancy Design Cognition has adopted an unusual marketing strategy by giving away services worth up to £3,000 in a competition.

Design Cognition, based in Nottingham, has today launched the contest for brand owners, retailers, packaging manufacturers or anyone else in the packaging supply chain to win the consultancy work.

Chris Penfold, the company’s managing director, said he anticipated that the work would focus on sustainability and cost optimisation.

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