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Tetra Pak launches senior-friendly carton

Posted in Innovation on June 29th, 2009 by Jane Bear – 12 Comments

Tetra Pak has launched Tetra Brik Edge, a new carton with an angled top that has been designed to make pouring more easy for elderly people and children.

The carton manufacturer has angled the top of the Tetra Brik Edge so it doesn’t have to be lifted as high as a typical pack to be poured.


The clamshell in a nutshell

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June 26th, 2009
Written by Sterling Anthony, Contributor –

The history of this package offers lessons for all packagers. That the clamshell is the object of praise and scorn reflects opportunities fulfilled and missed. In a relatively short time span, it has become commonplace in a variety of industries, among them electronics, toys, hardware, and health & beauty. Whether on a shelf, on a counter, or hung from a rod, its tough, clear plastic affords viewing of its contents, while protecting same from easy pilferage–features prized by consumer packaged goods companies and by retailers. A third stakeholder, the consumer, has been less enamored of the package, due almost entirely to problems with opening it.

Design firms and package suppliers have devised alternatives to the clamshell. Such is to be expected and is the nature of competition. Beyond that, some packagers, in addition to a major Internet retailer, have projects to reduce or eliminate their usage of clamshells. Those efforts, in addition to those expended by the clamshell supplier industry to improve its product, would benefit from a retrospective, because a function of packaging—in addition to protection and communication—is convenience. The fact that one of the clamshell’s primary elements—opening—was given short shrift deserves analysis.