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Seaweed in cosmetics wins green technology funding

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With a general return to the use of old and established ingredients in toiletries and cosmetics, this looks like an interesting innovation for the increased use of seaweed. Chris

By Leah Armstrong, 24-Jun-2009

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The Technology Strategy Board has invested in a project to develop skin and hair care products using natural compounds from British seaweed varieties.

The project is one of 18 others in a total investment of ₤20 million in ‘green technology’, which aims to develop new or improved sustainable materials, processes and products in the UK.

Sustainable seaweed production

The objective of this particular project is to develop a comprehensive range of hair colorants and hair and skin care agents derived from British seaweeds using sustainable technology throughout its life cycle from source, through production, to end use and appropriate disposal.

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Coke recycles cans and poster in sculpture stunt

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Simeon Goldstein,, 23 June 2009

Coca-Cola is celebrating Recycle Week with a 50-metre sculpture on the Sussex coast made from 200,000 used aluminium cans.

The ‘Precious Metal’ artwork is inspired by a Coca-Cola poster from 1949 that shows a lady sunbathing and the drinks giant hopes it will encourage people to recycle more this summer.

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