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Life-saving packaging in Haiti

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As we move into the second week following the Haitian earthquake, things have been fraught for the local population, most of whom have been without food, water, electricity, or a roof over their heads. During that period dead bodies have been piling up all over the place, including hospital car parks where medical supplies have been in short supply and many of the surgical operations that have been carried out, have been done without anaesthetic.

Medical, food & water supplies packaged to survive a harsh environment

Medical, food & water supplies packaged to survive a harsh environment

Although of no consolation to those that have perished over the past week, luckily the logistical situation is improving now that US ships have arrived and helicopters are finally getting to the places they are needed with those essential supplies. It is at times like this that we are reminded of the true worth of packaging,  in an environment where there are no fridges to keep things cool and packaging has to perform an even more essential role than normal in a very hostile environment. The packaging contains, avoiding spillage. It protects against crushing, vermin & pilfering. It preserves, providing protection for the products within and extended shelf life. It enables ease of transport, whether by plane, truck or onwards by hand and lastly it informs, providing vital information on contents, storage, dosage and application.

In summary, it provides a lifeline where, without it, medical supplies would arrive dirty and non-sterile, food would ’spoil’ within hours and water would become contaminated, leading to dysentery and further distress and trauma. So, packaging, where on earth would we be without it? Chris Penfold

McNeil Receives Warning Letter from FDA

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We thought this article was worth communicating further as the issues McNeil have experienced may be impacting the packaging/products for other companies.

Annie Dallison

FDA has issued a warning letter to McNeil Healthcare stating that its Jan. 8 inspection of the company’s Las Piedras, Puerto Rico, location identified significant cGMP violations. Since 2008, McNeil has received odor complaints regarding certain Tylenol products. In 2009, McNeil began recalling bottled OTC products after discovering that packaging may have been contaminated with a pallet pesticide. The recall now numbers 60 million bottles.

Counterfeit Alli raising safety concerns.

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GSK were alerted to counterfeit products by customers.  On inspection of the packaging there was a number of inconsistencies between the authentic and fake packs the difference in the product however are more serious.

This is yet another counterfeit issue  raised, surely this case and others demonstrate the size of the  opportunities for the packaging industry to deliver smart and cost effective solutions.

Annie Dallison

FDA is warning consumers about counterfeit Alli reportedly sold over the Internet. Testing by manufacturer GlaxoSmithKline has revealed that the fake products contain the controlled substance sibutramine, not contain orlistat, the active ingredient in its product. FDA warns that this fake version of Alli 60 mg capsules (120 count refill kit) could be harmful if used improperly.

Via PPM News 20th January 2010. You can read the full article by clicking: