Changing retail landscape for cosmetics in BRIC markets

This is a really interesting insight into the diverse nature of retail outlets across the globe and it’s good to think for a  minute (or three) about the affect that has, not only on the shopping habits of consumers, but also on pack design. All four of the markets mentioned (Brazil, Russia, India & China) work to a totally different supply-model and designers should be aware of this when developing market-specific packs for each of those regions. Even in the same market (e.g. India) there is a huge difference between the requirements for packaging in the huge new department stores sprouting up and the small ‘mom & pop’ stores that exist out in more rural areas. Just think for a moment about the different requirements for each ‘outlet’ in terms of information:

1. The need to read bar codes in some areas and not in others

2. The requirements of self-selection in a department store versus an ‘endorsement’ by ‘mom & pop’ in the smaller stores

3. The greater degree for branding & shelf stand-out required in the bigger stores, where products are ‘fighting’ against  a far bigger range of competing products

4. The more stringent shelving requirements in department stores in terms of  shelf height, ‘facings’ and fit on gondola ends.

To name but a few…. and then there are the different transit & product-protection requirements to get to the store and to be ‘managed’ therin. I.e. The use of an automated (potentially) delivery & stock-handing system in a modern department store to that of  ‘horse & cart’ delivery & manual booking in system to a store in the outer reaches of Goa.

Food for thought – Chris Penfold

Changing retail landscape helps define cosmetics in BRIC markets

The fast-changing retail landscapes in Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC markets) are creating new opportunities for cosmetics and personal care players to market products.

Although the retail landscapes are developing in quite different ways in each market, the key to successfully marketing personal care and cosmetics products will be determined by how effective companies are at tapping into these channels.

Speaking at the recent HBA conference program, held in New York City last month, Kline Group’s Carrie Mellage lifted the lid on each of these markets to show how the retail channels are evolving and to describe how companies are taking advantage of this.

By By Simon Pitman, 05-Oct-2009

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