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Anti-microbial milk proteins could help alleviate acne, psoriasis and halitosis

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By Katie Bird , 28-Oct-2009,

Proteins in milk that form part of the cow’s natural protection against milking related infections can be formulated into anti-microbial cosmetics and oral care products, according to manufacturer Quantec.

The New Zealand-based company has been working on the Immune Defence Proteins (IDP) for three years and is now ready to launch the ingredients onto the skin care and supplements market.

Rod Claycomb, managing director of the company, explained how the proteins form part of the cow’s own defence system.

“After milking, cows are quite prone to bacterial infection of the mammary gland called mastitis. This suite of proteins is nature’s own way of helping to protect the cow,” he said.

According to Claycomb, there are applications for the proteins in both human and animal health.

Having worked in both the animal health & human skincare sectors, this sounds to me like an interesting innovation & great breakthrough- with scientific and potentially commercial benefits. What do you think? Read the full article and let us know. Chris Penfold

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