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Design Cognition team-up to help Small Businesses with packaging design

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Design Cognition have teamed-up with to provide support to small businesses. The Top10Tips website provides a range of resources for Small to Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) covering all sorts of areas pertinent to a business start-up, including the following:

Top 10 Tips Logo

Top 10 Tips Logo

* Packaging Design
* Search Engine Optimisation
* How to Choose a Marketing Mentor
* Strategic Marketing for Start-Ups
* Brochure Writing
* Social Responsibility for Small Business
* Brochure Design
* Email Stationery Design
* Marketing your Small Business

In terms of packaging design, I’ve provided my Top Ten Tips to help get you started. As I state there, “Packaging is often the last thing to be thought about in a long chain of events during the development of a product; often an after-thought. However, packaging is the main component to deliver consumer convenience and something that can vastly affect the satisfaction or otherwise of a products performance.”

So if you’d like to ‘get it right first time’, you can read the full article (all 1 -10 Packaging Design tips) by clicking the following link. Have read and let me know what you think. Cheers Chris Penfold