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New light-emitting biomaterial could improve tumor imaging – what about uses in packaging?

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A new material developed at the University of Virginia – an oxygen nanosensor that couples a light-emitting dye with a biopolymer – simplifies the imaging of oxygen-deficient regions of tumors. Such tumors are associated with increased cancer aggressiveness and are particularly difficult to treat.

Oxygen nanosensors are powerful new research tools that one day may also be used for the diagnosis and detection of diseases and for planning treatment strategies. It is conceivable that these tools could have useful applications in the packaging industry for the detection of oxygen ingress into packaged food products and providing a shelf-life indication – watch out for more news in this area – as it becomes available. Chris Penfold

The new material is based on poly lactic acid (PLA), a biorenewable, biodegradable polymer that is safe for the body and the environment, and is easy and inexpensive to fabricate in many forms, including films, fibers and nanoparticles. It is useful for medical research as well as environmental research, sustainable design and green products, too.

Read the full article here:  New light-emitting biomaterial could improve tumor imaging.

Source: Nanowerk News via University of Virginia 10th Aug 2009