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165 million cups a day – That’s some market!

Posted in Environmental Issues, Food Packaging on July 2nd, 2010 by Jane Bear – 6 Comments

I find the fact that the UK consumes 165 million cups of tea a day absolutely staggering.

What I find even more amazing though is that UK tea bags are made differently to those used in Europe.  Why should they get 100% biodegradable bags when the UKs are between 70-80% biodegradable.  I understand that the difference is caused by the polypropylene used to seal UK bags and it’s claimed that this is because we have more tea in our bags and therefore the seal needs to be better but…..

I think I’d rather have a slightly bigger bag with a vegetable gum seal that to be endlessly stirring a piece of polypropylene around in my drink – especially considering the number of cups of tea the average person in the UK must drink per day.


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