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Innovation in packaging design – so what?

Posted in Design, Innovation on April 1st, 2010 by Jane Bear – 11 Comments

Some interesting research has recently been undertaken by Helsinki University, commissioned by M-real Consumer Packaging. I found it interesting because it provides the strand of an insight that opens up a wider debate about ‘Innovation’ and how that fits with the provision of consumer benefits and convenience. The research report details two studies. The first is a ‘brand stand-out’ study using ‘eye-tracker’-type spectacles’. The second was an ‘innovation test’ where participants were asked to handle variously shaped cartons, all with the same print design. The researchers found initially positive impressions – considering an unusual shape to be innovative and tempting, for example – but that consumer perceptions soon changed if the carton was found to be tricky to open or close.

OK it’s not ‘rocket science’ but this second test, got me thinking. If you read any Mission Statement or marketing plan these days, ‘Innovation’ is a word that will crop up as a ‘must have’ for the majority. It is a term which is much overused, a bit like ‘environmentally friendly’ is as well. But what does it mean really? Many companies claim to want innovation and differentiation, but don’t want to pay any extra for it. Very few will look at it from a consumer convenience perspective, or look at innovation as a holistic consumer benefit of both product and packaging working in perfect harmony.

Indeed the Helsinki researchers noted that “many consumer comments referred to the product itself, even though they were only asked to evaluate the packaging”. They concluded that “The outcome of the consumer perception test was clear: the package is an integral part of the product itself and both need to be complementary”.

Whether working in food, toiletries, beauty or healthcare & pharmaceuticals, it would be useful for brand owners and designers alike to bear this in mind when thinking & talking about ‘innovation’ and to decide, before they start the design of the (integrated) product & packaging, what their real ‘end goal’ is. Chris Penfold

You can read the full article by following this link to Food Production Daily

Another ban for BPA

Posted in Drinks Packaging, Food Packaging, Legal, Materials, Safety on April 1st, 2010 by Jane Bear – 12 Comments

And so this story rumbles on with another country banning the use of BPA in certain products.  If you’ve still got products that might be affected by a similar ban in another country then you really need to be looking to change very soon, after all, who knows who will be the next country to join the ban. (Jane Bear)

Denmark has introduced a temporary ban on bisphenol A (BPA) in all food contact materials for young children amid fears the chemical could inhibit brain development.

Thanks Beverage Daily for highlighting this ban, to see their full article just follow this link  – Beverage Daily