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Universal standards for prescription medication labels

Posted in Healthcare & Pharma, Safety on May 12th, 2010 by Jane Bear – 8 Comments

Looks like the US are now implementing their version of readability requirements currently in place in the UK/EU.

The recommended 12 point font size for critical information is going to be challenging. (Annie Dallison)

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Sounds Good To Me…

Posted in Cosmetics & Toiletries on May 12th, 2010 by Jane Bear – Be the first to comment

According to Mintel the new trend in Cosmetics is ‘Cocooning’ – basically staying at home and pampering your self rather than going to a spa.  That sounds great to me, so long as the house is quiet (although mine rarely is).  

It might not be everybody’s ‘cup of tea’ but it is having an interesting effect on cosmetic and skincare packaging with more distinctive shapes appearing.  According to Karine Dussimon, Packaging Analyst at Euromonitor ‘people are not only spending more time at home, but are also expecting to be increasingly individual in their product choices’ (Jane Bear)

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