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Healthcare compliance taken to a new level with aid of Facebook

Posted in Healthcare & Pharma, Marketing, Social Media, Technology on June 16th, 2010 by Chris Penfold – 8 Comments
New Healthseeker game on Facebook

New Healthseeker game on Facebook

A new game called HealthSeeker has been launched  to more than 400 million active users of Facebook, with the goal of helping adults with specific lifestyle and nutritional challenges. The benefits of the game are actually available to anyone, but HealthSeeker specifically helps people with diabetes make more informed lifestyle decisions in an innovative way that complements their daily use of social media. Leading experts have reiterated how important a source of support, information and inspiration social networking tools like this can be for someone living with a chronic condition like diabetes. Many diabetics struggle with the lifestyle changes that are needed to help manage their condition, such as adding more fibre, fruit and vegetables to their diets, or increasing their daily activity. HealthSeeker can help them stay motivated by presenting simple, everyday steps to help them achieve their lifestyle goals.

So the game really takes ‘healthcare compliance’, and social media for that matter, to a completely new level.  Chris Penfold

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