cost saving projects

Development and implementation of an on-line packaging artwork development and approval system that reduced artwork typesetting errors and time (reduction from an average of 5 reworks before approval to 1.5 in an average of 3 days), providing faster turnaround and hence speed to market. In the first 2 years this enabled over 2200 artworks to be developed in a ‘record breaking’ manner at an estimated cost saving of over £3 million. See also 3. process optimisation.

Identification, development and implementation of an improved injection moulded spigot cap saved a company over £390K p.a.

10% increase in packing line speed was realised for a company through improved carton design and machine modifications.

Identification and implementation of a range of pack rationalisation measures that saved companies in excess of £300K. These included improved assembly methods, light-weighted componentry, alternative suppliers, improved palletisation and tertiary packaging.

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