process development & optimisation

The design cognition team have set up a number of packaging development department from scratch (including recruitment of staff) – turning chaos into organised packaging development processes and procedures, including setting standards for the raising of specifications and Bills of Materials.

The company have direct experience of the management & control of the re-branding & relaunch of a number of high profile product brands within agreed timeframes, to stringent standards.

We have written and implemented a full set of Design Control procedures for Quality Manuals leading to ISO 9001 accreditation, and have acted as Internal Auditors, undertaking a number of successful ISO audits.

We have undertaken high profile international projects. Two of the most notable were:

  • An extended project in the USA, over a  6 month period, to evaluate the feasibility of producing, filling & packing an innovative bottle/kit concept. The study included development, production and supply of new pack design from 3 manufacturing sites worldwide (Toronto, Munich and Macclesfield). All 3 factories were visited – talking to engineers, production staff, suppliers & management accountants. a major challenge of resolving conflict & influencing and obtaining commitment from others – some of whom saw us as a threat, due to potential rationalisation. The result was a project completed with various scenarios and recommendations made to the President of Global Engineering within agreed deadlines.
  • A month spent in Asia evaluating the opportunities for setting up and running a Quality Control and product development operation for a a major high street retailer, in order to fast-track Far Eastern development in a controlled manner. The result was a report and recommendations and a prioritised action plan made to the Director of NPD.

The development and implementation of an on-line packaging artwork development and approval system that reduced artwork typesetting errors and time (reduction from an average of 5 reworks before approval to 1.5 in an average of 3 days), providing faster turnaround and hence speed to market. This was a major cultural shift for the organisation concerned and required many new ways of working and hurdles to be overcome. See also 2.cost saving.

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