Chris Penfold

Chris, as Managing Director, has over 25 years pharmaceutical & healthcare experience (multi functional) – developing, bringing to market and selling FMCG, OTC and Rx (prescription only) products. He has worked for 6 major ‘blue-chip’ companies –

  • Dalgety (food & agricultural industry)
  • Glaxo (GSK)
  • Pitman Moore (now Schering Plough)
  • Ciba (now Novartis)
  • Boots Group plc
  • Reckitt Benckiser

He has over:

25 years packaging, product design & development experience
25 years branded product marketing experience (Chartered Marketer)
8 years consulting & strategic thinking experience – underpinned by an MBA completed in 2000

He is leading packaging professional within the healthcare industry with numerous networked contacts. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Packaging and a committee member of the East Midlands branch of the Institute of Packaging – one of the most active branches in the country.

Chris has extensive cross-functional product development experience in a broad spectrum of related disciplines, including marketing, supply chain, QC and production – enabling him to take a more holistic overview during product developments.

He is multi-lingual with experience working in various European countries, Middle East, North America & extended business trips to the Far East. His roles within industry have included:

  • project Manager                           
  • senior packaging technologist
  • innovation champion                                
  • change facilitator

This has all been underpinned by his proven interpersonal skills, the ability to make things happen and experience gained from independent consultancy projects.
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