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packaging change & administration

We have ‘cut our packaging teeth’ on the back of complicated packaging & product development projects. We are used to working to the strict requirements of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), which provides a beneficial framework for managing the implementation and control of change for any of our clients. If you want to get it right first time in an organised and efficient manner – we can help.

We cover everything from simple artwork change and the smallest detail of day-to-day pack changes (specifications & version control) to complex structural device development. We have a pool of Packaging Technologists, Administrators and Project Managers, who can work remotely, or at your site (as you wish). From short term hourly contracts to long-term relationships – we cover it all.

We can even undertake training for your existing staff, should you want it. We are totally flexible, so please give us a call to discuss your particular requirements.

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