Barcoding & Mass Serialisation

Barcoding, traditionally a means of stock control, is evolving and increasingly being used
in more imaginative ways in areas such as marketing and anti-counterfeiting! To help keep
you up-to-date with these innovations, Design Cognition are proud to announce that we have
now partnered with the world leading barcode verification solution provider Axicon. This one day
course will provide a really practical hands-on view of a wide range of barcodes and their applications.
It will include hands-on demonstrations of the verification equipment in use and your chance to use it
yourselves. We will cover EAN, 2D Data matrix, QR codes, Aztec codes and others. So whether you just
need to understand the basics, or are looking for other insights into this exciting and evolving area of
technology and ideas on how you can use them in the wider business context, this course is for you!

By the end of the course delegates will have a greater appreciation of:
• Bar code choice
• The Global Standards
• Barcode Applications
• The various ‘linear’ barcodes: ITF14, GS1-128 (formerly EAN-128), Retail barcodes, pharmacodes
• 2D data matrix codes
• Differences & similarities between linear & data matrix codes
• Data matrix codes in detail – elements of, symbol quality, error detection, data encodation, symbol construction (NB interactive environment in which to practice using real codes & desktop verifiers)
• The future – ‘new age’ codes (such as QR codes), their use & potential opportunities

For further information on this course in easy to print PDF format just follow this link to Barcoding & Mass Serialisation

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Alternatively phone +44 (0) 115 846 1914 now for more information.
Look forward to seeing you there!