Anti-Counterfeiting – Packaging Trends & Technologies

Counterfeiting of products and packaging is a multi-£billion business which is growing at an
alarming rate. Everything from branded CD’s and handbags, through to pharmaceutical products are affected.
The latter results in many thousands of deaths every year. But what can we do about it? Well there are many
ways to tackle this but a strategic approach is required to stay ‘one step ahead’ of the counterfeiters. This course
will help you identify the issues, look at emerging packaging trends and technologies, including all sorts of overt (visible)
solutions such as holograms and covert (hidden) solutions including various printing and coating technologies and then help you develop a strategy to move forwards.

By the end of the course delegates will have a greater appreciation of:
• The underlying issues
• Different approaches to help combat counterfeiting
• The various technologies available
• The pros & cons of each
• How to develop a robust strategy for use in your own organisation

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