global sourcing & development

Far East sourcing & NPD

We regularly undertake trips to Hong Kong & China, undertaking audits on a number of suppliers, moulders & toolmakers and have developed a number of products.

We have generated a cherry-picked list of the best suppliers available for packaging, componentry and assembled devices. We have developed a matrix of their strengths, weaknesses and competence in the areas of:

  • innovation, 
  • quality (QS, ISO & UL approvals) 
  • technical support, 
  • infrastructure and facilities and 
  • working practices etc.

We have built relationships with a chosen few, nurturing them to help them improve and meet the ever increasing demands of the European customer base. They have demonstrated an impressive track record of design, development and speedy supply at very competitive rates and to the requirements of our strict quality levels. We can match a supplier to your particular requirements and facilitate the whole process of development, procurement and supply in a bespoke manner. Please give us a call to discuss your individual needs.

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