We have a wealth of experience in toolmaking management, with UK, USA and Far East toolmakers. We do not actually manufacture tools ourselves but have partnerships with a number of global toolmakers to provide diversity and ‘fitness for purpose’. We have no particular ‘axe to grind’ and can ’shop around’ to get you the best deal.

In addition to soft pilot tooling, for a few thousand prototype parts, we can also manage full-production tool builds, including complicated hot runner, stack and bi-injection tools. We can help you identify appropriate toolmakers, negotiate on your behalf, provide advice on specification, tool size, output rates and quality and manage the build, followed by initial setup and moulding for you.

We have on-hand a number of Far Eastern toolmakers who can build tooling to a very high standard – to any specification that you require. Prices are typically 50% lower than UK prices, with an average 4-6 week lead time. Typically 5 years, 500,000 cavity, shot maintenance & repair. Please give us a call to discuss your individual needs.


Injection Mould Specification
– Injection Moulds
Multi Cavity H13 and P20 fully inserted
Bolsters constructed from Tool Steel
Utilising standard bushings
Cold or Hot runner systems
Fully warranted and guaranteed for 5 years
Typical lead times – 6-8 Weeks cold runner & 12 weeks hot runner

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