Packaging Sustainability & the Environment
17th January 2012

The environmental impact of packaging is a growing concern in all circles. However it is a
complex area which is further complicated by lack of understanding, misinformation and
different ways of collating and measuring data. This one day course will provide an overview
of the issues, where packaging fits in the overall waste stream, different ways to measure and
tools available (including Life Cycle Analysis & Carbon Foot-printing), the pros & cons of each and
some practical ways to implement in your own business. It will also look at emerging packaging trends
and technologies, including light-weighting, plant-based plastics and coating technologies.

By the end of the course delegates will have a greater appreciation of:
• The underlying issues
• Where packaging fits in the overall waste stream
• The different measurement tools available
• The pros & cons of each
• How to use the tools in your own organisation
• Some of the emerging eco-packaging materials, trends & technologies
• The pros & cons of those materials, trends & technologies

Also BRING YOUR OWN PACKS along on the day for a FREE ECO-AUDIT

For further information on this course in easy to print PDF format just follow this link to Packaging Sustainability & the Environment PDF

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