a. Clearasil – structural & graphic redesign
Chris Penfold, now MD at design cognition, led the technical development and implementation of this project, from initial brief, through all stages of both graphic and structural redesign. This involved re-launching 340 global SKUs, including simultaneous development of:
10 moulding tools – bi-injection, inj stretch-blow, blow mould & 600 pieces of artwork

This was the biggest packaging project that BHI had ever undertaken.

The result……a fabulous and distinctive new Clearasil range, with it’s unique bi-injected closures and sub-differentiated colour ranges, which are taking the market ‘by storm’.

Some endorsements:

Clearasil NPD Team Leader at the time said (commenting on the Clearasil redesign):
“Chris has put in a lot of effort to this project and demonstrated strong ownership of all things ‘packaging’, the result being a very tough but well delivered project.
The project continues to throw up plenty of issues as we go through the start-up phase and Chris continues to tackle them head-on, involving all the right people and driving sound technical decisions. He has been a strong presence in the factory, pointing out areas for improvement and demonstrating leadership by example”. (November 17, 2005)
Head of Product at BHI, said:
“Chris works in an inspirational and enthusiastic way and delivers complex, global packaging projects on time, with little or no input or guidance. He is a respected trainer of packaging processes and concepts, and can lead innovation teams and develop design and development strategies for NPD teams” (November 29, 2005)

b. Nurofen ‘mobile’ pack
Chris also project managed this development from start to finish, coordinating designers, moulders, toolmakers and production. The pack was developed from initial sketches and concept models, through CAD, regulatory approval, tooling, moulding and filling to Stock-In-Warehouse in just 19 weeks. It was a very ambitious challenge for all concerned and was the fastest design-to-market packaging project of its kind undertaken by Boots.

With such a short lead time, the relationship between designer, developer and manufacturers was of prime importance. the pack was designed to contain and protect a standard twelve tablet blister. It ‘pushed back the boundaries’ of the OTC analgesics market with style and pace, reinforcing Nurofen as an innovative, aspirational and world-leading brand. It kept Nurofen at the forefront of packaging design helping maintain its position as the fastest growing OTC analgesics brand in the world.

After going on sale in the UK in September 2002, sales exceeded forecast and helped increase Nurofen market share from 23 to 28% within the space of 4 months.(Source: ACNeilsen, January 2003).

OTC Bulletin Innovative Pack of the Year 2003 and ‘Starpack bronze Award’ 2003

c. patent applications
Device for dispensing from a blister pack (Elastomer)

Patent WO2004103857
Inventors: Chris Penfold, Stephen Britton-Williams & Stuart May
Publication Date: 2nd Dec 2004
A pack of tablets has a generally rigid body within which tablets are retained. There is an elastomeric membrane on one side of the tablets, formed with protuberances and a frangible sheet on the other side. The tablets may be in a blister unit, with the tablets in register with the protuberances. The protuberances are pressed to expel the tablets. Two packs may be joined together by a hinge such that they can be folded against each other for storage.
Device for dispensing from a blister pack (Rigid)
Patent US2005211597
Inventors: Chris Penfold, Stephen Britton-Williams & Stuart May
Publication Date: 29th Sept 2005
A pack of medicinal tablets has 2 parts hinged together, each part having pockets containing tablets. The pockets may be displaced to expel the tablets through a foil sheet.

d. other innovative line extensions
Development of a number of innovative products for brands such as:

Nurofen, Clearasil, Strepsils, Optrex, E45, Mycil, Karvol, Sweetex

The Clearasil Ultra product range which has recently become the fastest growing acne brand in the USA

The E45 product range which has straddles the OTC & POM hospital market segments

e. veterinary products
Cepravin Dry Cow (intramammary infusion)

Development of injection moulded udder syringe for mastitis control of cattle. Successful launch in Eire, France, Japan & Belgium

Oxytetrin foot rot spray for sheep

Development & re-launch of an ‘improved’ food dye version (non gentian violet) foot spray.

Development of coccidiosis vaccine for chickens in innovative nylon ‘blood bag’ with hang strap

f. medical device development for the healthcare & contact lens industries

Development of a number of contact lens packs and kits, using standard and blow-fill-seal technology, cleaning solutions and lens cases.

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