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Seaweed in cosmetics wins green technology funding

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With a general return to the use of old and established ingredients in toiletries and cosmetics, this looks like an interesting innovation for the increased use of seaweed. Chris

By Leah Armstrong, 24-Jun-2009

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The Technology Strategy Board has invested in a project to develop skin and hair care products using natural compounds from British seaweed varieties.

The project is one of 18 others in a total investment of ₤20 million in ‘green technology’, which aims to develop new or improved sustainable materials, processes and products in the UK.

Sustainable seaweed production

The objective of this particular project is to develop a comprehensive range of hair colorants and hair and skin care agents derived from British seaweeds using sustainable technology throughout its life cycle from source, through production, to end use and appropriate disposal.

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Coke recycles cans and poster in sculpture stunt

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Simeon Goldstein,, 23 June 2009

Coca-Cola is celebrating Recycle Week with a 50-metre sculpture on the Sussex coast made from 200,000 used aluminium cans.

The ‘Precious Metal’ artwork is inspired by a Coca-Cola poster from 1949 that shows a lady sunbathing and the drinks giant hopes it will encourage people to recycle more this summer.

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Organic dairy brand launches UK’s first recycled yogurt pot

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By Mike Stones, 23-Jun-2009

The first fully recyclable dairy pots have been launched by Rachel’s, a leading UK premium organic dairy brand.

Moving from polystyrene to 60 per cent recycled PET (known as rPET) will significantly cut the amount of plastic sent to landfill, said the company. Its marketing director Steve Clarke told that: “By making the switch to r-PET we will save up to 210 tonnes of plastic per year. Better still, we are using materials that might otherwise end up in landfill.”

Using recycled plastic saves energy, cuts carbon use and reduces consumption of finite oil resources, from which new plastic is made, added Clarke.

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Two firms fined £10,000 under Packaging Waste Directive

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Two sister companies that manufacture calendars and gifts in Exeter have been fined nearly £10,000 under the Packaging Waste Directive.

Otter House and The Calendar Club in Exeter, owned by Otter House Group, were found to be in breach of the directive between 2006 and 2007.

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Sunchips debuts compostable bag

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PepsiCo’s Frito-Lay is rolling out compostable packaging for its SunChips snack line bit by bit this year, with a fully compostable bag due by Earth Day in 2010.

Lauren R. Hartman, Senior Editor — Packaging Digest, 6/22/2009 4:00:00 PM

Just in time for Earth Day, PepsiCo’s Frito-Lay Div. is rolling out compostable packaging bit by bit this year, with a fully compostable bag due out on Earth Day in 2010. Applied to bags of its SunChips brand, a popular line of multigrain snacks, the plant-based, biodegradable material is a structure made of NatureWorks’ ( polylactic acid (PLA) film, said to decompose over 14 weeks when placed in a hot, active compost bin or pile—at home or at an industrial composting site.

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Alcan Packaging launches Sustainability Moments campaign

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Alcan Packaging, a business unit of Rio Tinto Alcan, launched its global Sustainability MomentsSMcampaign to coincide with World Environment Day (June 5) celebrations.

“This internal campaign is intended to increase awareness and educate employees about sustainability throughout the next year. Sustainability is a core value for Alcan Packaging, and we hope this will inspire all our employees to organize activities that will positively contribute to our communities and the environment,” says Jean-Christophe Deslarzes, president and CEO, Downstream Aluminum Businesses and Alcan Packaging.

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Development costs discourage pharmaceutical packaging innovation

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Product development costs discourage pharmaceutical packaging innovation, says Packaging Hall of Fame inductee Edward J. Bauer in this Q&A. Bauer is senior director, product and package innovation and development for Pittsburgh-based General Nutrition Centers.

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23 Days left 2 WIN FREE consul…

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Turning Rotten Bananas into Bricks of Fuel

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In a world where food waste is a much bigger problem than packaging waste (and indeed a problem that packaging helps alleviate), although the following article is not strictly packaging, we thought that it would be of interest to you all (we certainly found it so).

June 22, 2009 Source: (&

In some African countries, like Rwanda, bananas are plentiful – and so are their discarded peels. But one thing that’s not plentiful is affordable fuel for cooking, lighting and heating. Researchers at Nottingham University have found a way to use the resources that are available by turning rotten banana peels into briquettes that would not only provide fuel but also help reduce deforestation by limiting reliance on firewood.

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Consumers want brands to tackle carbon footprints, finds Carbon Trust

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Almost two thirds of consumers are more likely to buy a product if action is being taken to reduce its carbon footprint, according to a study by the Carbon Trust.

Around 70% of consumers want businesses to help them make more informed environmental choices and 58% valued companies that were reducing carbon emissions, found the study.

Euan Murray, general manager for carbon footprinting, told Packaging News the research showed that despite the credit crunch consumers still wanted to buy from companies that were “doing the right thing on climate change”.

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